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I’m no longer blogging…

Hehe got you by surprise with that title didn’t I? 😉 Yes the truth is I will no longer be blogging on this site anymore… I’ve moved to my old blogsite  I’ll be blogging my christian faith and stuff on that site from now on 🙂

And OF course Have Faith, my other christian blog is still very much alive. Do drop by 🙂


More than just Jesus-Is-My-Boyfriend Songs

It’s sad to see how people have some disregard for such powerful and intimate songs that assists us in viewing Him from a different angle. I lately had sometime to read through a couple of Christian blogs like this one and one of his posts got my attention big time. His post led me to this one 

In a gist, what is being portrayed here is songs that have “Jesus I Love You” or “You’re all I want”, lyrics are being labeled as jesus-is-my-boyfriend songs. I guess what really appalled me the most is how people look at things, I mean to bring songs which are meant for Jesus, our lord and savior, songs which are meant to bring about an intimate relationship down to a humanly-context and compare it to their own human relationships. Isn’t God far more worthy than that?

Here I some points I would like to share with regards to this topic:

  1. You can’t compare the love you have for Jesus the same way you would compare the love you have for your girlfriend/boyfriend. That’s two different love all together. God gave us feelings for specific purposes in life. The love that you have for Jesus is totally different. It’s not some warm-fuzzy feeling, or a feeling which makes your knees weak. Nor does it make your heart beat faster. It’s not a crush! Yet, the relationship you have with Jesus is an intimate one. The love you have with Jesus is one that is filled with thankfulness, gladness, dependence, acceptance. It’s the kind of love a baby boy would feel for his mother. He is not romantically in love with her, but yet he still loves and clings on to her. It’s a very personal and heart-felt one. 

And that’s what these songs are about. They aren’t mean’t in anyway to make Jesus feel like some boyfriend, rather these songs are meant to help us build that intimate relationship with Him. These songs are meant to show and remind us of the many facades of Jesus that He is not only a glorified king and a redeemer, but as a one who is always there for us, and loves us no matter how messed up we are.

Jesus doesn’t think like how mortal man would think. A mortal man would say “why are you wasting such expensive perfume on him?”, whereas Jesus would look at your heart’s desire.

  1. The second point I wanna make is that I’m 100% sure that God doesn’t care about corny cheesy lyrics. I guess we’re just soo used to seeing the outward appearance of things – the quality of the band, the voice of the lead worshipper, the “flow” of the worship till we forget what the true meaning of worship is. I mean when you go to a Praise and Worship session, are you there to judge and roll your eyes whenever any “corny” song is being played by the music ministry or are you focused at worshipping your God?  It’s the heart that matters, not the type of song. Remember the lines of the beautiful song “Heart of worship?”

I’ll bring you more than a song,For a song in itself, is not what you have required,You search much deeper within,To the way things appear,You’re looking into my heart 

Singing “Jesus, I will never let you go” may sound cheesy and boy-bandish to some people, but to God, it’s pleasing in his sight, because He knows you mean it.

  1. Finally a 3rd point I would like to make and this one comes from my own personal experience. Having being actively involved in corporate worship for sometime now as a member first and now as a worship leader, I value these songs. I have seen tears come out of people’s eyes whenever they sing such songs.  One of the reasons I believe this happens is because these songs have touched their hearts, not the same way like how boyband songs do. Boyband songs just create some sort of “rush, mushy” feeling, but I don’t find people having that sorta feeling with God. Instead their tears are a sign of repentance and longing for their beloved God.  With the help of the holy spirit, these songs help people focus and cry out to Him.

So go ahead, sing a love song to God, tell Him how much you adore Him, and how much you need Him. Tell Him how much you love Him and how amazing He is. The Lord delights in genuine, heartfelt praises.  J

My experience as a worship leader

Phew! It’s been like forever since I’ve updated my blog! It’s just that work has just been extremely busy and chaotic over the last few weeks. Hehe it’s so easy to put the blame on work isn’t it? 😉 Well in my case, it’s really the workload folks. It’s been draining me a lot, not to say that I wanna quit or having any such thoughts, no no, I find it challenging in fact you know, I mean here I am been given a job of a lifetime which any fresh network graduate would literally crave for, and the irony is I’m not even from a technical background. And that’s why it’s even more challenging yet interesting for me. Yeah sometimes it does get a little too deep and technical for me, but I guess over time and experience I will get used and accustomed to it.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was recently given the chance to lead worship. Let me just say it was a totally new experience. You know it’s one thing to just crank up the volume of your favourite praise and worship song and just sing your heart out and “lead worship” as though you are Don Moen or Ron Kenoly. Heh!  😛

 But lead worship is more about just the songs. It’s more than just being musically inclined too. It’s your heart of worship. I guess that’s why the song “Heart Of worship” makes so much sense. Cuz when you remove all the music, the hype, the beautiful tone, you’re left with Jesus. And that’s where the core of worship is. Your job is not to make sure that others can focus Jesus, rather I personally find that, as a worship leader, your main job is to make sure that YOU are focused on Jesus.

And of all the weeks, that particular week where I was supposed to lead worship in my cell group turned out to be my bussiest and chaotic week ever. I even felt like just telling my cell group leader that I can’t do it. There were just too many things on my mind, and a lot of things were weighing me down. How on earth was I suppose to lead worship in such a condition? I struggled. Despite praying the night before and preparing for it, I knew deep down I was struggling. How am I suppose to lead others to focus on God when I myself am having difficulty in doing it? And I remember that night, just before I was about to begin my worship session, I just said “Lord, have your way in me”

And you know what? The worship session went so so smoothly. I don’t know how, but I at that moment, whatever I had prepared, whatever thoughts I had in mind about how I was gonna handle my worship session completely went His way. I just led in a very impromptu way and instead of me focusing and ministering to the members, I just let the holy spirit do His job. And that was one of the most beautiful worship nights ever. And you know what’s the best thing about worship leading? It inspires you to be closer to God 🙂