I think I am missing God…

You may be thinking whether this site has gone dead…well the good news is…nope this site is pretty much alive as the author is! The bad news…well there is no bad news.


Okay maybe there is, but I don’t know whether to call it BAD news to begin with, it’s just that things have been really quiet on my side. Life has been kind to me, but I wonder whether I really appreciate it at times. Rather than looking at the bright side of things, I tend to look on what I don’t have, what I am missing, and what I want. It’s really sad to some degrees because I am the one who usually gives that sorta talk/hope to people, especially my friends who weigh down their problems to me.


I kinda feel like a candle metaphorically speaking; I am able to bring some light, some joy and lots of smiles to those around me, yet when I am alone…I really feel alone. I feel that I am missing something, something is just empty.


Perhaps is God…no it IS God that I am missing, I checked my Godmeter a few hours ago, it showed close to empty. But you know what’s really strange? I just don’t feel like seeking Him…yet. No don’t get me wrong, I still love the Big Man, I still think of Him from time to time during the day, but yet…I somewhat feel I’m not ready for him yet, I am not ready to seek him yet.

 Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe it’s just work, maybe it’s alot of things I have been thinking about lately (family, friends, etc.). Recently I got news that my ex-girlfriend had recently come home for the summer holidays, and I actually called her up over the weekend, and even though we had already made up and become good friends again, I still feel something strange inside, something that I honestly can’t describe.


The messed up part is thinking more about it makes me feel worse :(, but at the same time, I can’t stop thinking about her. No I don’t plan to get her back at all, I’m honestly happy to be one of her friends, but yet something is stirring inside of me.

I guess it’s time to return back to Abba. And like I said before, even though I’m not ready to seek Him in full force, I must admit that I’m missing Him alot, I miss the way He just stirs my heart, I miss the way He gives me the confidence I need to embrace a new day, I miss the way He calms my heart, I miss the way He makes me rest.


You know what the funny part is, I know that He is the way, I know that He can fill my every desire, I know all of this, because I have been filled many times before. And yet, at this moment, I am purposely being hesitant. I guess I’m hoping my human emotions and feelings would temporarily give me some relief, some comfort, but I know at the end of the day, like that prodigal son, I will “return”, running towards my Daddy and just embracing him with all I got…


And you know something, the best part is, He will be just as happy to see me return.


Be patient with me Daddy, I’m coming towards You!


Eternal God, you know despite how far I go, or how long I’ve gone, I will always come back to you. Despite my own human ego, my flawed intellect, I know that I can do nothing without you. You alone can fill my hearts desire oh Lord and I truly and

honestly long to be with you. Guide me O gentle spirit, so that I that I may be able to see Your holy path and once again walk in the Light and in Righteousness. Fill me oh Lord with that same passion once again to seek you come before you. I need that passion that you’ve always stirred within me oh Lord, please do not forget me or leave me. Be with me oh holy spirit I most humbly pray and ask. Amen.


14 responses to “I think I am missing God…

  1. Nah, I don’t think you’re missing Him – otherwise you wouldn’t blog this. I think you’re comfortable with Him and that#s a wonderful thing. Not high, not low – just there. Like old friends. It’s a good thing. Relax.

    Or… it could be the “Abba” messing with your head. hehehehe.

  2. hey mark, thanks for dropping bye…and thank you for your encouraging thoughts 🙂

    peace be with you!

  3. No worries my friend. He’s holding you, even if you let go, He’s still holding you.

  4. Hi d4g, been missing you. I reccomed that you get onto the 7:22 website and watch the current series thats streaming. Its great and i think that Louie Giglio’s message is forwhere you’re at.

    this is the group for young singles that i told you about but they have great praise and worship and are full on for Jesus. call over when you’ve watched and let me know what you thought

  5. mark is right, He is right there with you. I love to read from people in love with God.

  6. this is very dated. i hope u read this. i feel the same exact way. i dont no if its god or not im missing. all i no something is. i feel blind in a way. i dont have something that i should. i cant describe it. i feel like im just going through the motions of life. hell, i dunnu. im just up late looking for answers.

  7. I miss Him too right now.I know He is with me yet I miss him so much. Lord I wish I knew what to o to feelyour Holy touch again.

  8. So have you found God again after feeling you lost Him?

  9. Wow, I was stirred just from reading this. Remarkable the date, 2006. Something about the annointing, time cannot diminish it’s power. We love you Lord. There is none like you.

  10. I miss God too but didnt really realise it until I read this message and like Rita I am Wowed by the date – 2006. This message not only sums up where I’m at, I’m also excited that I miss the Big G so much that I want Him back. I pray that all who read these words of encouragement will be inspired to draw closer to our heavenly Father, Abba, so that He will fill all the voids in our lives and become the centre of our joy. Be blessed & Praise the Lord!

  11. This put words to what I’ve been feeling! I like the reply that even if we let go God is holding us, whether we recognize it or not. I miss being fully aware. I long for God stirring within me again.

  12. Thank you for posting this… I was down and feeling the same way. When I surrender and pray, this emptiness is filled again 🙂

  13. I cant believe this, if i had not goggled ” Missing God”, i could have never thought i could find anything like this. Thanks for the wonderful prayer.

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