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Pilot – Part 1 : Genesis

I thought it would be fair if I actually gave a brief description of myself, a sort of intro, a pilot if you may to what led me where I am today. You may notice two older posts before this one; that’s because I used to once upon a time blog here at one time…a time where things were going tough for me and I somehow got really intimate with god at that time period… (In fact I actually wrote that Dear Jesus entry during one of my darkest days: when I failed one of my first few job interviews)This is actually mentioned in one of my intros/pilot. My pilot is pretty long, i think it has about 4-5 parts, cuz what I do is I write a long entry for the whole week and just break it down. Of course there will be times where I will blog “spontanously”…anyway let my story begin 🙂


I used to blog. I used to infact be crazy about my blog. Yes I was much “younger” then; I was still in uni; I was much more naïve of things of the world. I aspired to be a well-known blogger who would get 1000+ hits a day.


The content of my blog? Nah…that really didn’t matter so much. Just as long as I wrote about what people wanted to read and what was considered “controversial” and debatable.


The time would come when uni would be over and for the first time, I would seriously face reality; the good, the bad and the ugly.


And I did; oh the agony of having returned from job interviews after job interviews knowing that you that superbly well but only finding out that you didn’t get a call-back for a second interview. Oh the agony.


And it’s only when you agonize; when you’re desperate you begin to turn to someone, and that someone is not your next door neighbour, he’s not the one who drives a flashy C-Class Mercedes Benz and promises you that he’ll put in a good word for your next interview you are preparing to go.


That someone is God, and even though He could have made everything so easy and straightforward for my job hunting search, He didn’t. He could have just snapped his finger and viola I would have gotten a fantastic job.


But he didn’t. He allowed me to wait and grow. When I look back now I guess that He REALLY wanted me to grow, he wanted me to know that His ways and thoughts were not my ways and my thoughts.


And I finally after three months of pleading and begging God day after day (I used to pray 3 times a day for a good job!), He finally gave me what I wanted. In fact He gave me more than what I asked for.


He gave me a job with a top 10 US Fortune company! And I was told that this was no easy job to get into cuz apparently thousands of freshies like me apply for this graduate program.


And I was among the 17 who were chosen for this program. Imagine 17 out of 1000s. God somehow guided me though all my rounds of interviews till I was selected.

The feeling was fantastic! Here I was with the best and brightest graduates. Oh I was over the moon! I was in a company where people wished to hopefully enter, and that too I was about to START my career in this organization. What a smashing start to my successful career.


Oh the confidence was high. The arrogance became apparent once in a while. The pride was definitely there. I was proud to tell people of the company I was working for. I beamed with happiness and pride whenever I saw the “oh-my-god-are-you-kidding-me” look on their faces when my folks would tell them where their youngest son was working. My folks were also on top of the moon with me; there was a feeling of joy and pride at home.