20 minutes of Solid worship

I hadn’t plan on blogging for the last few days as I have been really tied up with work plus I’ve been under the weather as well. But last night something tremendous happened, something so profound that I just had to write about it and share with you all.


I had been working last night till about 8pm and after watching some TV, I decided to read Tommy Tenney’s book The God Chasers. I was reading on a particular section on how we need to be “dead” in order to seek God ; dead meaning brokenness in spirit and repentance within the soul.


I thought about it for a while, and I suddenly decided to start praying. I am sincerely convinced that this was definitely a move/nudge by the holy spirit in me.


How about we seek God right now?


I didn’t want to at first because it was already getting late I had work tomorrow morning.


Nevermind, lets just seek him, lets put all our work worries, our sicky feeling, our happy thoughts, our plans for the next day and just come and worship before Him.


And I prayed. I started off by quietly calming my mind from all my humanly thoughts and boy was it a abit of tough effort in the beginning. I just had so many thoughts buzzing through my brain ; praise songs going blaring through the inside of my mind, but I was persistent and patient. Eventually after praying in tongues for abit, I could concentrate better.


I then begin by crying out to God for mercy and for forgiveness. I don’t know what made me do this because I usually start off by heaps of praises before God. Even though I felt I didn’t commit any major sin over the last few days, I still cried out before God. I was then reminded of the verse Found in Ps 51:17. The Lord desires a broken spirit, a broken spirit, the Lord will not despise.


I went on crying out to the Lord for mercy, and for forgiveness…and half way through I started asking God to show me His glory. I begged God to come down, and just show me His glory. I think this is one of the hardest plea I had ever cried out to God. I just wanted to see Him, and though I’ve always gotten some experience, nothing really matched to what I witnessed last night.


As I prayed really hard for God to show me His glory, suddenly I had this vision of this super bright light. Its radiant light was far stronger than the sunlight and it was so strong I just begin to tightly shut my eyes and immediately I went flat down and just begin to worship Him, crying out Truths about Him. I begin to cry out in my heart all the glorious names and titles of the Lord. And as I was flat down, I could still feel the light’s strong presence and it was such a surprising experience for me till I couldn’t open my eyes for some minutes. I just literally couldn’t open my eyes! I tried but they wouldn’t seem to come up. I am convinced that God was presence, He came with a powerful light and He blinded me for a moment there. When I felt I couldn’t open my eyes, I knew I was in His spirit, I knew that this is what I had wanted…and so sitting cross-legged on my bed with my head face down, I just assumed that position for some time.


By the time the whole experience was over, only 20 minutes had passed, but boy that 20 minutes had to sure be one of the best thing that had ever happened to me!


All it needed was just some effort on my part to concentrate on God and submission to His Spirit.  Now if 20 minutes can do so much…I wonder what 45 minutes can do?


I really don’t know, but I’m pretty sure He knows 😉


6 responses to “20 minutes of Solid worship

  1. Yup. I’ve had that. It’s SO WOW eh? Afterward I knew the meaning of “they come into His presence with praise”. It’s not that He comes to us when we praise, but if we come into His presence, we will AUTOMATICALLY praise – there is nothing else we can do, but praise.

  2. Great to hear of your wonderful spiritual experience,d4g. Keep pressing into Him,Gail

  3. My soul is blessed by all I have read. Just wondeing why I don’t see any recent activity. Is there a new site somewhere else?

  4. You should continue to write your blogs, they are amazing. Its nice for someone to be open and real through the blogs.

  5. pray along with me; I am getting wearied with empty christianity, while desperate for God myself, also so desperate for souls here and world over…

  6. Racherlla Joel Pramod Kumar

    Amazing Move of GOD. God will use you in a MIGHTY way.

    Jer:33.3is for you my brother


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