Calling Satan’s Bluff Part 1

Once again this is a 2 part post!


Satan is real you know; yup he’s as real as God is. And lets face it, we don’t live in an easy world today. The whole notion of conforming to being “open minded” and liberal has caused many to fall and lose track of their faith and belief in Christ.


For the young people, I have to point blank admit, we are having it really tough. We were raised and continue to live in a culture where we think that God is a superficial being. Even during my university days, my best friend who was a strong Christian would tell me how much he struggles in his classics and English class when it comes to discussing issues like faith and God. He tells me how students, while they were raised in a chrisitan background and know about the bible do not believe in the existence of God. And to further fuel it, we have some professors bringing their beliefs that “God does not exist” to the classroom.


Scary, I mean all this are literally Satan’s lies. I’m intrigued yet frightened to see how Satan’s schemes have crept into our society for so long. Yes you may not see pentagram graffiti on the sidewalk or a cartoon illustration of the “Goathead” in newspapers.


But yet, just look around you, Satan’s works are just about everywhere. From placing high value on materialistic possessions and having “self-centered” goals to porn shops and strip clubs, we are indeed living in a dangerous world.


And you know what the worst part is? We don’t even know it. And we’ll never see the danger of it if we’re constantly pressured to have an open mind and be encouraged to “change with the times”. I know this first hand because I was a victim myself. I thought pornography was fine and while I didn’t totally accepted it with open arms, I would often just shrug it off whenever I would hear someone talking about porn.

Ahh…just normal guy talk!


But can you see how dangerous that thought is! I didn’t see that for years until now. I thought pre-marital sex was totally acceptable and indulging in “self seeking pleasures” were fine until lately when I began re-examing my faith.


Yes satan is as deadlier than you can imagine!


However given the way things are, there is still always hope. Despite the fallen world we live in, there is still a God and no He hasn’t left nor given up on us.

In part 2, I’ll talk about simple steps that can be taken to call Satan’s bluff. 


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