Monthly Archives: March 2006

Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus,

Things are not going as smooth as it is. I sometimes don’t really understand how you work. Then again no man can understand how you really work right? No I’m not trying to insult you or stir up an argument with you. You know how “tight” we still are. Despite everything that happeend yesterday, i still came back to you, why? because I love you…alot! Sure I keep saying “If you want you can give it, you can make it happen”, but more than that, I know that deep down, we’ve come a long way…both you and I.

Problems are just coming in…despite how close we are. Wierd isn’t it? I mean why should something come between us? Especially when you’re showing me so much of your glory? My only conclusion is that perhaps, the Enemy is not too pleased with us. As you yourself know, the Enemy really can influence me heavily, telling me that it’s only natural to do things that I shouldn’t do.

But I know you’re a faithful God. I know that at the end of the day you will deliver me. You will give me what’s best. You’ve guided me so far into this job. It’s as though that this job is “meant to be” from you for me. It’s like a gift that you’re giving me. Why on earth should you suddenly stop this from coming to me? As it is, despite asking for your guidance and help in this matter, you seem to be guiding us back to this job opportunity. Other job opportunities seem to be giving problems and there are so much obstacles.

So I will wait on you. Whatever it is You will deliver me from this mess. Why? Because I trust You, yes I’m horrible at leaving everything in your hands, but that’s just a weakness of mine. But I still trust you, I just want you to know this, I still have faith in you.

Your loving son,