Monthly Archives: February 2006

And He Spoke To me

It was just another worship high praise session. I was immersed with the Spirit of God and I began praying with tongues.  And suddenly halfway during worship I heard a voice telling me

Turn from your wicked ways and follow me!

What?? Was that God really speaking to me? I began to doubt

Surely this is just perhaps the devil who is just tempting me to think that it’s God himself that is talking to me:

Would Satan be in such a place like this?

This  assured me.

But how am I supposed to turn from this bad habit Lord? I’m so weak at times

You have been praying to Me for strength haven’t you? and you do know I do not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability? I am here, just come into my presence

And the voice just continued

And do you know that I have annointed you. You have been praying for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I have already given them to you

I was stunned. Dumbfounded. This is because I have been praying for the gifts of the Holy Spirit for sometime now everyday. Besides that here was God offering an accurate solution to my problem. It was like as though He just “prescribed” me the cure for my problem – “Just come to my presence” and these are His words, it came directly from the Lord Himself.

And then I began doubting myself. For long I have wanted the gifts of the Holy Spirit but now, I felt afraid, yes I was afraid. I felt that it was perhaps a mistake to us, I wasn’t sure what I had asked for.

But Lord I’m not worthy, I don’t even know I am ready

I have chosen you, I have known you even before you were born, You will serve for My people, I do not want to lose you, I wan’t you back

But what gifts have you given me Lord? What gifts do I have?

And it just became quiet. I couldn’t hear any voice. Then it sorta made sense to me – I will probably learn this gift He has given me as I go on worshipping and living with God’s spirit.

And then I just remembered something important. I forgot to ask God about my job.What is going to happen to my career plans? What’s gonna happen in the future?

And the voice returned

Don’t worry about you job, just worship me

The voice never returned again. BUt I was filled with the Spirit. God had spoken to me! Me! An unworthy sinner who indulges in inpure thoughts every now and then and the Lord just spoke to me, He came to talk to me. He could have spoken to other more “qualified’ and worthy individuals that day, but He chose to come to me. He chose to tell me important things that would allow me to draw closer to Him.

It was as though He took the first step to mold me; to prepare me to be His instrument, to be His Hand.

You may think this is all cool- wow man God spoke to you, that’s awesome – you may think this is something to boast about and be proud off ; but frankly it has made me smaller. It has made me more humble. It has made me realize that there is a God and He is working through me day by day.

And for this to happen ; for God to work through me, I too have to do my part ; I too should put more effort into

  • resisting temptation and evil
  • praying more often
  • reading His word diligently
  • excercising my spiritual gifts more often

But why me? I have no idea, but I should not look at my own human attributes, for God to work through me, I would have to draw upon His attributes.

It’s only through HIM that I can do all things